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Fulham Wharf, Barratt London
Fulham Wharf, Barratt London
Bob Lawson,
Group Chairman
Bob Lawson,<br>Group Chairman
Mark Clare,
Chief Executive Officer
Mark Clare,<br>Chief Executive Officer
David Thomas,
Chief Financial Officer
David Thomas,<br>Chief Financial Officer

Allingham Court,
Barratt London
Allingham Court,<br>Barratt London
Barrier Point,
Barratt London
Barrier Point,<br>Barratt London
The Visage,
Barratt London
The Visage,<br>Barratt London
Stonegrove Hoardings,
Barratt London
Stonegrove Hoardings,<br>Barratt London<br>

Dalston Square,
Barratt London
Dalston Square,<br>Barratt London
Fifth Avenue,
Barratt North London

Fifth Avenue,<br>Barratt North London<br><br>
City Point,
Barratt Southern Counties
City Point,<br>Barratt Southern Counties
Calcos Place,
Barratt Exeter

Calcos Place,<br>Barratt Exeter<br><br>

Camp Hill,
Barratt Mercia

Camp Hill,<br>Barratt Mercia<br><br>
Freemans Meadow,
Barratt North Midlands
Freemans Meadow,<br>Barratt North Midlands
Honeycombe Beach,
Barratt Southampton
Honeycombe Beach,<br>Barratt Southampton
Hortham Village,
Barratt Bristol
Hortham Village,<br>Barratt Bristol

Millennium Village,
Barratt Yorkshire West
Millennium Village,<br>Barratt Yorkshire West
Barratt Southern Counties
Nautiqua,<br>Barratt Southern Counties
Hanham Hall,
Barratt Bristol

Hanham Hall,<br>Barratt Bristol<br><br>
The Longfellow,
Barratt Homes
South Wales
The Longfellow,<br>Barratt Homes<br>South Wales

West One,
Barratt East Scotland

West One,<br>Barratt East Scotland<br><br>
Swans Reach,
David Wilson Homes
North West
Swans Reach,<br>David Wilson Homes<br>North West
David Wilson Homes
Greenfields,<br>David Wilson Homes<br>Southern
Upton Park,
David Wilson Homes
South Midlands
Upton Park,<br>David Wilson Homes<br>South Midlands

Duchess Park,
David Wilson Homes
Eastern Counties
Duchess Park,<br>David Wilson Homes<br>Eastern Counties
The Hamptons,
David Wilson Homes
South West
The Hamptons,<br>David Wilson Homes<br>South West
White Sand,
Ward Homes

White Sand,<br>Ward Homes<br><br>

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