Barratt Strategic

We actively seek new strategic land leads across all of our divisions for a wide variety of schemes, which include greenfield extensions to existing settlements, stand-alone new settlement proposals and long term brownfield redevelopments. Mixed use schemes and developments of a highly sustainable nature are also promoted and developed. 

Land can be secured and promoted using the full range of contractual forms, including Options, Freehold purchase with Uplifts, Joint Ventures and Promotional Agreements. The nature of the contract is fully flexible upon both the needs of the vendor and the planning strategy required to secure consent as soon as possible on the most commercially advantageous terms for all parties.

We work on our own or in collaboration with others, including housebuilders, investors and RSLs. We are actively seeking strategic land opportunities with a minimum size of around 75-100 units capable of planning delivery in a three years plus timescale.

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